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UK School Links

OLD HALL JUNIOR SCHOOL in Chesterfield raised £308 during their summer term 2015, through an Enterprise Business Task set to year 6 pupils who were given £50 and asked to make it grow. In 2014 the proceeds of this sale bought a cow for Old Hall’s link school in Rwanda - Gitsimbwe Primary - and in 2016 the school has used the money to purchase lightening conductors- as this is now a Government requirement and they cannot afford to purchase the equipment without help. This is a great lesson for Old Hall too - not only can they now learn about the forces of nature - electric storms/heavy rains which are common in Rwanda - but also that things which a Local Authority would fund in this country have to be raised by the schools themselves in Rwanda. I am sure pictures will be exchanged when the equipment is purchased and installed. The cow, by the way, has now produced a calf and the manure is being used to cultivate a garden for the school. Milk is now being given regularly to malnourished children attending the school.
Bakewell Methodist School
The school have started a new project to raise money towards a new bee colony in the village near to their partner school in Kibimba in the Eastern Province. Anastase visited the school and explained how the current bee colony is doing. We hope to replicate that scheme in Kibimba. In order to raise money the children/school are going to promote the sale of our Bee Gift Cards priced at £10 for family/friends to give as a Christmas present - and news about the work of the Trust will be on a flier given out with each card. 
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