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A Cow Called Doug

This is the story of Ntizihabose Emmanuel and his family who received a cow called Doug

Emmanuel ‘s father died in 1994 and his mother in 1998 after a long illness. The family had to sell all their property to pay for her treatment. Emmanuel has one brother and two sisters who all live across the border in the Congo (DRC).

In 2007, before going to the Congo, his saw his brother in a fight with another boy but when Emmanuel stood between the two and was trying to pacify them he was accidentally struck in the eye with a knife. He was taken to hospital where the eye was removed. He had to sell his property to pay the bill and was left with nothing.

Emmanuel now lives in Jenda with his wife Nyiramana, Sarah and their 5 children: Uwase Divine 10yrs, Uwamahoro Aline 8, Ntizihabose James 6, Umuhuza Innocente 3, and Ganza Elisa 1yr.

Their life has been spent working for other people to be able to buy food and pay the rent as they didn’t own their own house. Emmanuel goes around looking for anybody having land to cultivate, or looking where they are building houses to serve as an aide to builders. His wife washes carrots for people who sell them. There is a washing place where carrots from gardens are washed before they are taken to markets. Recently, the family was able to purchase a small plot and build the house where they have been living since last May. It is a two bedroom house with a small sitting room. They cook outside mostly except when it rains. The house is not finished but they are satisfied and they hope to continue making it better.

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Emmanuel said that receiving a cow “is like being visited by God”. They are very grateful to Lynda’s family

for the gift of Doug which they say “is a gift of love to somebody unknown” and that “from today we have started the journey out of poverty”. They promised to raise the cow well and to pass on the first calf to another needy family.

cow 1.png

The money for Doug the Cow was donated by a lady in Litton, Derbyshire. Doug was purchased and named in memory of her dad who was a dairy farmer. Originally the Trust was going to place Doug in a school, but because of Covid, Rwandan schools have been closed for many months. Some schools have had to sell their cows which they had previously owned and looked after - so instead Anastase (our representative in Rwanda) identified Emmanuel and his family.

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