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The Goboka Rwanda Trust is able to do its unique work because of the continued support of its partners, in both the UK and in Rwanda. Through these connections The Trust is able to identify where support is needed most and ensure that funds are directed to these areas. 


We would like to give special thanks for the continued support

Free Methodist Church

Bishop Samuel Kayinamura is the Head of the Free Methodist Church in Rwanda.

Prior to this appointment, Samuel was a teacher at Gitsimbwe Primary School in the Nyamasheke district of Rwanda, on the shores of Lake Kivi – which he still considers ‘home’.

However, Samuel, his wife Rachel and their family now live in Kigali, where Samuel is based.  He has,  in recent years,  visited England several times – his first visit being to study an intensive English course when English took over from French as the second language of his country.

Samuel delights in coming to meet supporters of the Trust in England as well as visiting children in schools linked with schools in Rwanda.  He regards it as highly important that he is able to thank people here for the support they given to his fellow countrymen.  He is also always keen to encourage others to visit Rwanda for themselves – and is a great Ambassador for the country he loves.



Anastase Rugirangoga is one of our Rwandan working partners. Based in Kigali, Anastase is a Pastor in the Free Methodist Church, who also runs a charity called PHARP Rwanda - caring especially for the welfare of vulnerable women, widows and orphans.  (PHARP means Peace-building, Healing and Reconciliation Programmes).

This charity was established a few years after the 1994 Genocide when Anastase returned to his native Rwanda after working for several years for PHARP in Kenya - and has been one of our working partners since the inception of The Goboka Rwanda Trust in 2009.  Because of the nature of his work, Anastase is integral in identifying needs in his country and many of the projects suggested by him - like the Sewing Schemes and the Pig Breeding Schemes have been amongst our most successful.

Anastase has had the opportunity to visit the UK on several occasions and, whenever possible, has visited Bakewell to meet the Trust's supporters.  He is particularly popular when he visits our Primary Schools linked with Rwanda, as he has a great rapport with the children.

To learn more about PHARP visit their website here

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