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Sewing Schools

During 2015, four sewing machines were gifted to four students
from some of our Sewing Schools in Rwanda as they finish their courses.
These have been purchased by individuals who wish to support the trust - and these young ladies - in this way. A sewing machine ensures a future career, even when a young woman marries and has a family
- and for someone who has worked hard over the past year to learn a new skill, such a gift can be truly life-changing. £100 is the cost of providing a machine, cottons and materials.

Over £1,000 of PHARP sewing goods sold very quickly since July - when they were brought back for us by visitors going out to Rwanda from the West Midlands. Beautifully coloured padded shopping bags, bags-in-a-bag, aprons, stuffed elephants and giraffe are among just some of the goods which are incredibly popular when we have them to sell.

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