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Cow Giving

BISHOP SAMUEL KAYINAMURA has, in the past, told the story of his escape during the Genocide of 1994. He and some fellow teachers from Gitsimbwe Primary School were sheltered by Hutu neighbours - at great risk to their own lives – and eventually managed to escape to The Dem. Rep. of Congo by boat.
Nothing had been done to reward those who acted so bravely, and Bishop Samuel asked the Trust if we would consider purchasing 6 cows – which would be gifted to some of those who sheltered the survivors at the time of the Genocide. A breeding scheme would then be set up, and the first-born calf would be given to the survivor rescued by one of the villagers, making a bond of lasting friendship between the two people involved. This would be a very visible sign of reconciliation and it was soon attracting the attention of national TV and the Press in Rwanda . As a consequence a large presentation event was organised in Gitsimbwe.
The group from The Goboka Rwanda Trust who were in Rwanda at the time were witnesses to this significant event – together with approximately 3,000 people from the local area, the District Mayor, other local dignitaries and children from nearby schools.
The ceremony was most interesting – and thankfully the six cows were extremely well behaved and placid – despite loud cheering and clapping when each was formally named and handed over to its new owner.
Bishop Samuel has fed back the many positive comments received since this Ceremony, and has asked the Trust to consider replicating this gift elsewhere in Rwanda in the future.

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