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Following the Goboka Rwanda Trust visit to Rwanda in summer 2014 it was decided to support a new project in a rural area in the Western Province which would bring a new water supply to two schools in the village of Kaburiro – a primary and a secondary.  A good source of water was located nearby, but a request for support had been made to help capture the water and pipe it to a central location.


The Trust were particularly interested in this project because ultimately it is hoped to build a new Health Centre in this area also – and the same water supply would then be able to be tapped into by the Health Centre – thus bringing fresh water for the first time to many members of the community.


Furthermore, the local community offered voluntary labour for all the necessary work if the Trust would help with this project. Advice was sought from a local builder who drew up necessary plans and advised on all the materials necessary.  The total cost of this project – using the voluntary labour – is £2,300.


Various donations have been made to the Trust in recent months, including a sum of £400 from Bakewell Rotary Club, and it was felt prudent to use these monies to support this project – which will bring the benefit of clean water to a whole community.  Work on this project will start forthwith.

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