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Boot Stove Project

Eco-Stoves, sometimes known as ‘Rocket Stoves’ or 'Boot Stoves' are wood or charcoal burning stoves that cut carbon emissions by 50% . The stoves we will be making in the project are made from locally sourced clay and use culturally-appropriate clean and efficient cooking technologies which reflect sociocultural, economic and health requirements.

Being energy efficient, they use less than half the fuel of a traditional open fire thus helping to preserve Rwanda’s diminishing wood supply.

Economically, they help to reduce the amount of money spent on fuel and the amount of valuable time spent cooking or fetching wood.

These boot-shaped stoves produce less smoke in often poorly ventilated homes and help reduce respiratory diseases. They also help to prevent serious accidents as there is no open flame to fall into.

In 2016 The Goboka Rwanda Trust, with a generous grant of £1000 from the Eleanor Rathbone Trust, started a project to train local people in the production of these stoves.

Following the training course, those trained will be able to help family, friends and fellow villagers manufacture the Eco-Stoves.  Stoves can be sold for a nominal amount thus providing a small income for the participants and stimulating local economy. In subsequent years it is hoped that the trainees will be able to disseminate their skills to other trainees in other parts of the country.

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