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Rwanda Floods


Sadly, the usual rainy season in Rwanda was extended this year, when in early May, very heavy rainfall on second and third, caused some terrible flooding and landslides in the north and western provinces of Rwanda – where some of the poorest communities live.

To date it is known that around 150 lost their lives and over 5,000 thousand were rendered homeless and had to seek shelter in churches and large schools – many having to flee their homes at very short notice and with nothing. This extreme situation also meant that many of their livestock were washed away and drowned in the swollen waters, and crops on which they relied heavily were lost.

Our immediate response was to offer some help to those in greatest need – and indeed upon hearing of the floods we were able to transfer £5,000 which was immediately used to provide mattresses, blankets, clothing and food to those in most need and who we could access. In the longer term, once people return to their villages and start to rebuild their homes, we will look at possible replacement of some of the livestock lost – again helping them towards a more sustainable future.

The videos attached give you some idea of what these people faced – and we are most grateful for any help we get to help in this crisis, for which we are now starting to build up funds again.

Lost Livestock

Houses Washed Away

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