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Ephaste Rewarded

Great news! You may remember Ephaste Niyigena - our projects manager who lives in Rwanda.

Ephaste has been recognised for his achievements by the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (IOEE). He has been awarded Member status and with it comes professional registration with this prestigious professional organisation.

The IOEE is the first dedicated professional learning institute specialising in business enterprise and business support.

Ephaste is the first person in Rwanda to be awarded this recognition!

Ephaste’s registration reflects his recent academic achievements in gaining both a Bachelor and Masters degree in business management, as well as his project management of The Goboka Rwanda Trusts’ enterprise projects and those of International Child Care Ministries and the Free Methodist Church (FMLR).

Ephaste’s project management skills have been much in evidence in his work supporting young entrepreneurs and in helping setting up micro businesses such as sewing workshops, carpentry school, animal husbandry and larger projects involving installing a drinking water supply to remote villages and building health posts for poor rural communities.

Ephaste is and has been an excellent ambassador for The Goboka Rwanda Trust.

Ephaste visited England in 2017 for two weeks, funded entirely by donations from supporters of the Trust. The experience enabled him to gain deeper understanding of our culture, businesses, local communities and values.

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