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Visit to the UK of our Project Manager in Rwanda – Ephaste Niyigena

We are greatly looking forward to a visit from Ephaste in April 2017 who will be taking his first trip out of Africa and to the UK for a two-week visit – which has been funded by friends of the Trust who have visited Rwanda in the past and felt this journey would both benefit Ephaste and the Trust. Given that all money raised goes directly to projects in Rwanda, the Trust could not see a way of helping bring Ephaste here for a trip - which we hope will be educational in many ways – but this was where supporters rallied round once again and quickly donated the £800 needed for the airfare. Sincere thanks to them one and all!

Ephaste, our Project Manager, is employed by the Methodist Church in Rwanda as Business Administrator – but volunteers to distribute monies for the Trust’s projects and sends all the pictures of ‘work in progress’. He has taught himself English and acts as our main Interpreter on group visits, has worked to put himself through a degree in Business Administration (Banking & Finance) and is currently working towards his MA in Business Administration. He recently was able to take out a loan because of his good employment/savings record, and has built a house for himself and his young family. We are very pleased and proud of what Ephaste has achieved and intend to stimulate his thinking with taking him to meet and see various groups and activities with which we are involved in the UK, which we think might be replicated in Rwanda in future years.

Ephaste represents the future of Rwanda – people striving for a better future - and we are proud to work together in a way which we hope will be for the benefit of all. (pic of Ephaste & family)

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