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Kaburiro Health Centre

The first funding for this Health Centre – set in a very remote area – was send in 2015 – yet by the summer of 2016 all it needed for completion was the door, windows, floor and internal plaster work. It is hard to believe that this plan came together so quickly – but with help at our many fundraising events we have been able to send over money from time to time – and this is the result.

In February we received the news that the neighbouring, and larger, Karangera Health Centre has offered to operate nursing services from Kaburiro and has agreed to contribute the door, windows and floor – meaning that our last donation can go to completing the interior work instead.

The official opening will now be in August 2017 – and together with the first Centre supported by the Trust at Nyarusange, will also work with Karangera ferrying medical supplies and patients between the three Centres on a rough-terrain motor bike which the Trust donated in 2016. It is hard to explain how much having medical support in these very rural areas means to its population.

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