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Bags, Aprons and Elephants!

We are delighted that so many of you are anxious to purchase the lovely and bright coloured bags, aprons and stuffed animals which we bring back from trips to Rwanda and which help the sewing schools which we support out there. 100 bags were brought back in August 2017 – and only about 20 currently remain. All 30 patchwork aprons have now been sold – as have lots of the other goods including jewellery. Our goods are on display and available for purchase each month at Café Rwanda – details of which can be found elsewhere on the website. Don’t tell anyone – b ut we know what quite a number of people will be getting for Christmas this year!!

Thurston the cow

The latest addition to our bovine family is ‘Thurston’ the cow – generously donated by the Methodist Church in Thurstonfield, Cumbria – who sent the offertory from their Harvest Festival. We thought as this was a rural farming community in the north of England they would appreciate their donation purchasing a cow for a needy community in Rwanda – and our partners are currently trying to identify a Primary School in one of the poorer regions of the country which would benefit from owing a cow. We look forward to receiving photos of ‘Thurston’ in due course.

New Roof

Following a very busy period of talks and fundraising events, we are delighted to have sent this week adequate funding to pay for the roof sheets on the new Reconciliation Centre at Gitsimbwe in the Western Province of Rwanda. (pic) This was the latest project to be identified by our Rwandan partners, but we did not anticipate being able to progress this work so quickly – but by so doing the building should have a roof before the heavy rains start early in the New Year. Grateful thanks go to all the Groups and Clubs who invite Heather along to speak about the work of The Goboka Rwanda Trust – and support her so generously when she visits. It is largely this which has funded this late

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