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Partnership working in the UK

Based in Northallerton, North Yorkshire, Chopsticks is a community charity providing supported work and craft based activities for adults with learning disabilities in the Hambleton and Richmondshire areas. The main activity is the production of premium grade kindling and biomass woodchip fuel made from timber and offcuts which would otherwise have been sent to landfill. The members collect and sort the timber before sawing and packing into bags of kindling prior to delivering and selling to customers. On this site Chopsticks also produce planters, troughs and trellises for sale. They also work in the community providing garden maintenance for elderly residents. The company offers an outre

Visit to the UK of our Project Manager in Rwanda – Ephaste Niyigena

We are greatly looking forward to a visit from Ephaste in April 2017 who will be taking his first trip out of Africa and to the UK for a two-week visit – which has been funded by friends of the Trust who have visited Rwanda in the past and felt this journey would both benefit Ephaste and the Trust. Given that all money raised goes directly to projects in Rwanda, the Trust could not see a way of helping bring Ephaste here for a trip - which we hope will be educational in many ways – but this was where supporters rallied round once again and quickly donated the £800 needed for the airfare. Sincere thanks to them one and all! Ephaste, our Project Manager, is employed by the Methodist Church in


The Trust is greatly indebted to all the people who may never go to Rwanda, but show their support in various ways. Mr Roy Fox of Bakewell, well in his 90s and a joiner by trade, makes bird/bat/dormouse nesting boxes which are sold to raise funds; Rita Hickin who has travelled to Rwanda in the past keeps us supplied with home-made tartan scarves which we sell; the ladies from Bakewell Methodist Church Keep Fit Group make regular donations; many volunteers help at the monthly Monday Café Rwanda in Bakewell Town Hall, 10am – 3pm – giving of both their time and home-made soup, cakes and scones. (dates for this year appear elsewhere on the website) – and many members of the public regularly vi


Old Hall Junior School in Chesterfield continue to be really supportive to their link school - Gitsimbwe Primary School in the Western Province of Rwanda – and are looking forward to an update from Ephaste when he visits the school. You may know that previously Old Hall have purchased a cow and some lightening conductors to help Gitsimbwe – and last year they fundraised just over £300 which purchased some new desks for their school. The first two calves produced by their school cow were male – but last summer they were sold and a further female purchased – producing even more milk which can be used by the school or sold into the neighbouring community to bring in funding. Truly a self-sustai

Kaburiro Health Centre

The first funding for this Health Centre – set in a very remote area – was send in 2015 – yet by the summer of 2016 all it needed for completion was the door, windows, floor and internal plaster work. It is hard to believe that this plan came together so quickly – but with help at our many fundraising events we have been able to send over money from time to time – and this is the result. In February we received the news that the neighbouring, and larger, Karangera Health Centre has offered to operate nursing services from Kaburiro and has agreed to contribute the door, windows and floor – meaning that our last donation can go to completing the interior work instead. The official opening wil

Cows from Castleton

Cows in and around the village of Castleton in the Hope Valley of Derbyshire may be a common sight – and it may be that which – led by Castleton Methodist Church – has turned into a community project which has seen two cows being purchased in Rwanda in the recent weeks. These have been named Castleton and Peveril. ‘Peveril’ will go into a Reconciliation scheme already running in the Nyamasheke District of Rwanda – one of the poorest regions – whereby a cow is gifted to a Hutu who, during the 1994 Genocide, risked his/her own life to shelter a Tutsi neighbour. The cow is put into a breeding scheme and the first-born calf goes to the Tutsi who was sheltered – with subsequent calves going fir

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